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Eizojoho Industrial

Eizojoho Industrial is a bi-monthly magazine in Japanese having the most up-dated and needed industrial vision information.  The readers will be informed the latest products notes and case studies.  It would be helpful for the related companies to enhance a degree of recognition of their products and activities by placing their advertisements in the Eizojoho Industrial magazine.
■Issued on every 25th of January, March, May, July,
   September and November a year
■Circulation: 18,000/bi-monthly + e-book
■Reader Profile:

-measurement control system: 24.4%

-telecommunications: 17.8%

-educational research: 11.1%

-electrical and electric equipment: 9.6%

-manufacturing: 9.6%

-optics: 7.4%

-trading companies: 5.2%

-intellectual property patent: 3.0%

-security: 3.0%

-rental equipment: 0.7%

-misc: 8.1%