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Eizojoho Medical

Eizojoho Medical is a monthly magazine in Japanese having the most up-dated and needed medical imaging technologies such as X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, etc.  In addition, we are also watching medical ICT including deep learning, IoT, and so on. It would be helpful for the related companies to enhance a degree of recognition of their products and activities by placing their advertisements in the Eizojoho medical magazine.
■Circulation: 15,000/month + e-book
■Reader Profile:

-radiologists: 38%

-medical doctors: 13%

-hospitals: 12%

-manufacturing & trading companies: 10%

-clinics: 7%

-system integrator: 5%

-pharmaceutical companies: 5.2%

-universities & vocational schools: 4%

-misc: 7%